6boyschangedme sent: Can you ship me? I have long red hair, blue eyes, freckles that cover my face, I'm 5"2.

Magcon; Taylor Caniff

sheila-ray sent: Can you ship me ( magcon , o2l and janoskians) I have brown hair blueish gray eyes with gold in the middle and I am 5'4 and I am weird silly and crazy

Magcon; Jack Johnson
O2L; Connor Franta
Janoskians; Luke Brooks

pilialo24 sent: can I have an o2l and magcon ship? I'm 15 and kinda sassy and crazy but shy when I first meet someone. I'm really short only like 4'9 and I like to play soccer. I'm the one in the crop top in my icon.

O2L; Ricky Dillion
Magcon; Cameron Dallas

vale-cornia sent: HI can you ship me? ( O2l, Magcon, and Janoskians) I'm a 5'7, i have brown hair, brown eyes , and dimples. I'm sassy, wierd, crazy, and loud.

O2L; Kian Lawley
Magcon; Taylor Caniff
Janoskians; Luke Brooks

Anonymous sent: Can you ship me with janoskians, magcon, o2l and 5sos. I have long blonde hair, green eyes, pale, skinny, big boobs, 5'8, I kinda look like the baby of Cara delevinge and Kendall Jenner. I play netball and I am quite good at sports and I love travelling. Btw my name is Jordyn. Thank you 😊😘

Janoskians; Baeu Brooks
Magcon; Jack Gilinsky
O2L; Kain Lawley
5sos; Michael Clifford

You’re beautiful ~ Michael Clifford

You woke up to the sound of the shower running. You turned to see your boyfriend of 2 years shirtless walking into the restroom, you couldn’t help to to smile. You got up going down to the kitchen to start making breakfast for both you and Michael. Being so concentrated in making breakfast you didn’t see or hear Michael walk into the kitchen. “Good morning princess” he said with a smile on his face. “Good morning Mikey” you relied back. “Mmm, it smells good” he said making you smile. You tried to reach up to get two plates off the counter but couldn’t reached them because they were too high. Michael giggled and got up to get down two plates for you placing a kiss on your cheek once he gave them to you. You both sat on the kitchen table eating and talking about what he had to do with band that night.
After being done with breakfast you went up to your shared bedroom to take a shower while Michael washed dishes. You removed all your clothes looking at yourself in the mirror for about 10 minutes pointing out everything wrong with your body wondering why Michael chose to be with you when there were so many more prettier and better looking girls than you. You didn’t have big boobs nor a big butt, a flat stomach like most girls, you had a few stretch marks here and there, and your face wasn’t acne free either. You could feel tears rolling down your face by now. You jumped into the shower trying to forget everything from a few minutes ago. Once you got out the shower you wrapped your body with a towel walking into the bedroom. You looked for something to wear, something casual since you knew you weren’t going to do anything but stay home all day. You put on your bra and panties then looked at yourself again in the mirror. Tears began to roll down your face once again. You sat on the floor in front of the mirror still looking at yourself with tears in your eyes.
“Babe what’s wrong?” Michael asked as he saw on the floor crying. “Nothing” you mumbled. “(Y/n) I know you better than you know yourself. So tell me what’s wrong love” he said moving closer to you. “I’m just… I’m just to ugly for you. There is a lot more prettier girl than me out there and out of all girls you pick me, why me?” You whispered half yelled at him. He just looked down to you not saying a word causing you to cry more than before. “(Y/n), tell me, why do think you’re too ugly for me?” He said “explain to me why you think that.” You looked up to look straight into his eyes. “Because Michael look, just look at me. I’m not the prettiest…” You began but got cut off by Michael pressing his lips on yours. “You’re beautiful the way you are and that’s all that matters to me. I don’t care that you don’t have a flat stomach, that you have stretch marks, or have acne. To me you’re beautiful and no one will change me from thinking that.” He said looking into your eyes. “Even if I’m old, fat and wrinkly?” You asked. “Even so, you will be beautiful in my eyes” he said pulling you into a tight loving hug. “I love you (y/n), to me you’re beautiful babe and that’s all that matters remember.” He mumbled into your neck. “I love you too Michael.” You said back kissing his cheek.

Jack G and Taylor smut

It’s was a late Friday night so you and your friends decided to order pizza and just hang out at your house. Within the hour of hanging out with all your friends you all got pretty bored. No one was coming up a good idea, well not until Cameron decided you guys should play Truth or Dare. You all agreed and formed a circle. Your were sitting in between Jack G, your best friend, and Shawn. Throughout the whole game you rested you head on Jack’s shoulder, it didn’t mean anything since you guys were best friend and did that often. The game of truth or dare was intense, considering the guys would not cut some slack for anyone who was playing. “Truth or dare Cam?” Nash asked. “Umm… Dare.” Replied Cam. “Okay… Well let’s see here… I dare you to kiss (y/f/n).” Cameron stood up to walk towards (y/f/n) and leaned down to kiss her. “Is that all you got Nash?” Cam said going back to his spot. Everyone laughed at Cameron’s comment. It was now Aaron’s turn to go in the group.
You had you eyes slightly shut as you leaned into Jack. “(Y/n)?” Aaron called. You opened your eyes to see everyone staring at you. You all laughed a bit because you didn’t realized you had fallen asleep. “Okay, well (y/n), truth or dare?” Asked Aaron. You knew which ever one you could pick wasn’t going to be good so you went with whatever came out your mouth first. “Umm… Truth?” You answered with fear in your tone. “If you could choose any two of the guys here, who would you choose to have a threesome with?” Your eyes went wild once he finished his question. You looked at each guy as they all waited for your answer. “Umm… Can I have a different question?” You asked. “No, you have to answer (y/n), rules are rules.” Said Shawn. “Ugh… Fine. Umm… Jack G and Taylor maybe…?” You whispered covering you face with your hands. You always wish something would happen with Jack but since you guys were just best friends you had to let your fantasy go and you always thought Taylor was very good looking with an amazing body. You tried not to make an eye contact with either boy but you feel their eyes just looking straight at you.
You rose your head and turn to look at Jack who was staring straight down at you. “What?” You whispered. “Are you serious about what you just said?” He whispered back into your ear. You could feel his hot breath down your neck making you shiver. “Well umm… Yeah.” You replied. Jack got up and pulled you into the kitchen so you could talk without anyone else hearing you. “Why didn’t you ever say anything before (y/n)?” He asked. You looked at the ground not knowing what to say but Jack brought his fingers under you chin to lift your face up to look at him straight in the eyes. “I don’t know Jack.” You said softly. “(Y/n)? Do you know how long it has been since I’ve been waiting for you to say something or at least give a sign that you would want me as much as I want you?” You shook your head. “Okay look, if you want this threesome, we will do it but only if you want to.” You nodded your head in agreement with him. “Okay go into your room and wait there.” You walked up to your room and stayed on your bed waiting.
You laid down on your bed while waiting for Jack to come back. You heard a small knock at the door before the door was opened by Jack. He walked in with Taylor right behind him. Jack stood at the edge of bed while Taylor began to take off his clothes. Jack took off his shirt along with his pants leaving his in boxers, you couldn’t get your eyes off of Jack, not because you’ve never seen him just in boxer before, but because the way his figure seemed to tense every time you roamed your eyes over his body.
Taylor leaned in pressing his lips on your lips kissing you. Jack began to unbutton your shorts pulling them down across the room along with your panties. Taylor pulled your shirt over your head throwing it on the floor. He right away reach down to massage your breast and lightly squeezing them. You moaned into the kiss parting your lips giving him the chance to explore your mouth with his tongue. “You’re so wet (y/n)” Jack mumbled. You felt his fingers rubbing against your clit softly while he thrusted two of his long fingers into. You pulled away from Taylor to get some air. Taylor unclipped your bra throwing it on the floor. His mouth was soon attached to left nipple while his hand pleasured your right boob. You were a moaning mess under both of them. Jack picked up his pace with his fingers bringing you close to your edge.
“I-I’m cl-close” you moaned out. “I know, let go when you need to babe” Jack said thrusting into you faster. You let out a loud moan followed by other profanities. Your nails digged into Taylor back once you hit your orgasm causing him to hiss. Jack licked both his fingers and you clean making sure he didn’t leave anything behind. “You taste so sweet babe” he said licking his lips. Jack leaned down bringing his lips to yours for a deep but yet passionately kiss. You wrapped your hands around Jack’s neck bringing him closer and deepen the kiss. You pulled away gasping for some air as Taylor was now teasing your clit with his member causing you to moan and arc you back. “STOP TEASING!” You yelled at Taylor causing him to smirk and smash into you. With no time to adjust Taylor thrusted into you at fast pace. You grab Jack’s length and start moving your hand slowly soon adding your mouth keeping your pace. Taylor’s thrust caused you to moan on to Jack’s member causing Jack to groan and throw his head back. Taylor’s pace soon went faster and harder let you know he was close. Jack’s member twitched inside your mouth let you know he was close also. You clenched your walls around Taylor letting him know you were close also.
“Come on (y/n), come for me baby.” Said Taylor thrusting into you harder and faster than before. The room was filled with three your guys’ moans and many profanities. The familiar tighting of your stomach filled you and you were sent over the edge causing Taylor to come seconds later into you. Your moans around Jack’s member bringing him to his orgasm, making him come inside your mouth with three squirts down your throat making you swallow it all. “That was amazing” said Taylor and both you and Jack just nodded in agreement. You laid there trying to catch you breath with your eyes close only to open them once you hear the door open to see Taylor walking out of the room. Jack crawled next you pulling the sheets to cover you both. He brought you close to his body holding you close wrapping his arms around you. “(Y/n)?” Jack asked in a low voice. “Yeah Jack?” You mumbled. “I don’t want you to ever have anything to do with Taylor, you hear me?” You looked up at Jack to see him staring straight at you. “But Jack…” You start but soon got cut off by Jack. “Look (y/n), I never said anything before I was to afraid to lose you. But I’m in love with you. I love you (y/n).” You leaned up to kiss Jack’s lips and whispered “I love you too Jack.” into his ear. You both stayed there in each other’s arms until you both drifted to sleep.

Anonymous sent: Hey can I have a janoskians imagine with Jai please? Where were trying to have a baby but nothing seems to happen and i miss a period and we find out that Im finally pregnant after so long and were both happy and just cute stuff? My names Holly btw

"Anything babe?" Jai asked impatiently. "Baby it says you have to wait 5 minutes" you replied just as anxious as he asked. "Well how long has it been?" "Ummm… about 30 seconds. Please calm down you’re making me nervous" you replied, praying it came out with the two lines you and Jai have been hoping for. The last 4 minutes felt like forever but you were ready. Jai grabbed your shaking hand and then nodded in reassurance. "Ready?" He asked. You nodded and finally looked at the pregnancy test. You let go of Jai’s hand and the tears began to fall down your face. Jai immediately hugged you and tried to comfort you and your broken heart. You looked again to make sure you saw that single line correctly. Yup. The disappointment fell over you again. "Babe its okay. Maybe its just not the right moment love. Okay?" "Okay." You kissed him and went to jump into the shower.
*two months later*
“Baby! Baby! Baby! Look! Wake up wake up wake up” you jumped on the bed trying to get Jai to wake up. “(Y/N) Whats wrong love? Are you hurt?” Jai immediately became alert and worried. “Baby look at this! Look what this says” you held out the pregnancy test to show Jai the two bars you’ve been waiting for. “What why didn’t you tell me you were going to take this? ” he sound excited but disappointed that he didn’t see the results when it happened. “Im so sorry love. I just didn’t want to get your hopes up. I’ve been meaning to tell you that I missed my period last month, but I didn’t think anything of it. And now it was late this month so I decided to get a test.” “Baby this is amazing!” Jai grabbed you in a tight hug and laid his lips on yours then repeatedly kissed your head and forehead. “We’re going to be a family (Y/N)!” He lifted you up and twirled you in celebration. “A family” you repeated smiling at the thought of you and Jai being parents.

Anonymous sent: Can you do a three some imagine with Cash (Cam & Nash) but you end up getting caught by Matt.

Carter imagine Part 3?

So I don’t know if I should do a part 3 for the Carter Reynolds imagine…let me know your opinion in our Ask.

Carter imagine Part 2

Part 2: (Your POV)
“Carter I…um its…uh its okay.” You confirmed it was fine for him to kiss you. Maybe more but hey lets not move too fast. “Are you sure. We can just talk.” “Carter I’m positive” he finally leaned in for a kiss. Slowly connecting his lips to yours. At first it was it was like a middle school peck but then grew more passionate. He pulled you closer and the two of you just stayed there kissing. Not sexual or wanting more than just a kiss. It was nice for this change. After the 7 minutes were finally up you two heard everyone hushing each other to see what you and Carter were doing. Carter knowing what Drew was trying to do pulled away and told you what was going on. The door was quietly flung open and you saw the shocked faces of everyone because they expected more than the two of you holding hands and talking. Cater started to laugh his contagious laugh and then you soon followed. You two continued to play which was pretty funny considering Drew and Carter had to go together. After the party ended, Carter led you back to his car and opened the door for you. He looked nervous for some reason and got in the car. It was a silent ride and you didn’t understand why. It was unusual for Cater and he had something to say. When you finally got to your house you quickly thanked him, unbuckled your seatbelt and got out, trying to get away from the silence. You heard the window roll down behind you and heard Carter clear his throat ” (Y/N) please dont hate me” “Carter why would I…” before you could finish your mom opened the door and waited for you to come in. “See you Monday Carter” As soon as you got inside and after answering the thousands of questions your mom had, you ran upstairs and text Carter. “Why would I hate you, your the best friend I could have asked for Carter. Is it because of the kiss?” After what felt like an eternity you saw your phone light up. “Come out on the balcony” you quickly jumped off your bed and slipped your shoes on. When you opened to doors to the balcony there he was standing next to the railing facing away from you. “Carter? How’d you get up here” “I climbed” he chuckled a bit and shrugged his shoulders. “Ooookay, what’s up? Why’d you climb up my balcony? Why were you acting weird after the party? And why would I hate you? Was it the kiss? Carter you’re kind of scarying me” He sighed and began “(Y/N) that kiss was amazing, the best so far but…” he hesitated “look you’re a really great girl…” you cut him off “okay this sounds like a break up…and were not even going out. Harsh much?” “Let me finish. You’re beautiful, smart, funny, you’re an amazing person with a good heart, the last thing I want to do is to hurt you. Im not good at expressing myself so this may sound like a diss but I think we should stay friends. I just don’t want to ruin what we have here I really hope you uderstand” “Carter. Is this what its really about? I don’t care that you don’t want to go out considering we only know a little about each other. Is there more to the story?” You saw him flinch at the question and knew there was. “Carter its okay to tell me” “well…I didn’t know how and I still don’t…” “just say it” you grew worried. ” (Y/N) I um….I have a girlfriend.”

Anonymous sent: Can you write a imagine where you and Aaron are just home all day being lazy but it's still cute?